Sunday, July 31, 2011

A story for Rob

I can hear you now, “So Moe what happened? Granted you never posted with any regularity, but damn dude, it’s been like two years”. Ok, so that’s a little more than a question and a little mean of you.

In short, it went like this. I’d wake up with vomit in my throat. Didn’t think much of it at first must be eating crap before bed. It didn’t happen every night or often. So I just kind of went with it. Then sometime later I started to have crippling chest pains. Mostly at night. I found that taking showers and just standing in the water seemed to help a little. But ultimately I couldn’t find any position that gave me relief. Not laying down, not sitting up, and not laying on the hard floor. I went to my doctor who referred me to a Gastroenterologist. The first thought was that I was suffering from Acid Reflux. We tried pills for a few months. Didn't help. I was scheduled to have an Endoscopy (camera down the throat) and a colonoscopy (camera up the rear), not at the same time, and yes different cameras were used, wise guy. I was miserable. While waiting to take other tests, I made two visits to the emergency room because of the chest pains.

It seems that when a fat black man over 40 hits the emergency room with chest pains everyone thinks “heart attack”. Go figure. It wasn't until after I took an MRI and a sonogram that I was diagnosed with gallstones. I am proof that God has a brutal sense of humor, it was also discovered that I had a hernia. Finally after almost a year and a half my pain had names. I was scheduled to have laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. Time to get sliced.

Actually it was time to get punctured. With laparoscopic surgery they make three holes in your belly, one for a camera, one for cutting and one to pull out the gallbladder. Usually the gallbladder comes out through the belly button. That’s the third hole. Turns out mine had grown five dice size stones. No truth to the rumor that they were six sided.

In short that’s how I've spent almost two years of my life. Sick in pain and in no mood to read comics play games or really talk to people. I think my body is still adjusting to what’s missing and I’m still adjusting to new eating patterns.

I’m feeling better now not as sick. Ordered some comics. Read a few. Want to know what I think about ‘em? Well…

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Rob and Moes said...

Sorry for all the distress you have had too endure. I would love 2 hear more. i will leave the ball in your court

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