Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doom 2099

Just starting reading the first 10 issues of Doom 2099, don't know why. This title was one of the flag staff titles of the 2099 universe. The writer John Francis Moore, where are the now? spins a tightly woven story so far. A good villain on par with Doom is Tyger Wylde, for the first story arc. He has taken control of Latveria. Next up is the cyber universe not a great story but consistent with the 9th issue having Ernie Colon handling all the chores writing, and art. it didn't miss a beat. It even introduced some characters from literature. Jack the ripper. Jacob Marley, yes that Jacob from Christmas Carol. Comic vine which does an excellent job as a wiki doesn't have any story arcs on this title I may go and add them. Check this title out you most likely will find it in the quarter bin. With Pat Broderick art who was a staple of the Marvel U at this time you can;t go wrong.

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